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Introduction ...

While Nick (Jack Wagner) has romance on his mind when she stops by his office, Taylor starts mentioning possible names for their unborn baby. Interrupted by a phone call, Nick ends up leaking to Taylor that Donna admitted to Jackie that she's marrying Thorne to "stick it" to Stephanie.

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She then rushes to try to stop the wedding. Meanwhile, the minister asks if anyone has a reason to stop the wedding but when no one speaks up, he continues with the ceremony. When it comes time for Thorne to state his vows, he makes a speech about how important marriage is, especially when a child is involved and then announces that he can't do this.

After he walks out, Donna chases after him.

He responds that she lied to him and asks why. Crying, she asks who put ideas in his head, just as Katie enters. Donna (Jennifer Gareis) accuses her of doing this because she's jealous and denies that she has lied to either of them. Thorne interrupts and accuses her of using him to get back at his mother.

She insists she loves him but he doesn't believe her.

Conclusion ...

Meanwhile, Stephanie boasts to the rest of the family and friends that this is the best thing that could have happened. She later takes great pleasure in rubbing Donna's failure in her face. Donna angrily vows to get even with Stephanie.

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