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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap, Part One

Ridge finds Brooke suffering from another nightmare and insists that she stay with him until they find the "low life" who was helping the man who raped her. He admits he hired an investigator to find this person.

Although Stephanie (Susan Flannery) thanks Katie for saving her son from making a mistake, she also badmouths her other sisters until Katie stops her.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap, Part Two

She goes on to suggest that the Forrester matriarch use this occasion to get past her vindictive ways, but then realizes Stephanie wants to know what Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) has been saying to Ridge.

Katie blasts her and asks what she's planning. Stephanie plays innocent and claims just to be concerned about her son. Ridge finally takes Stephanie's call and regrets it as she badmouths his decision to give back to Brooke her children. Ridge defends Brooke and when she asks what Brooke has done to take him away from Ashley, Ridge hangs up on her.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap, Part Three

Stephanie suddenly runs off while Katie remains behind to chat with Felicia about Stephanie's obsession with Brooke. Katie suggests they work together to end the rift between the two families.

When Brooke is unable to come up with any more clues, Ridge realizes the bartender may still have Andy's cell phone and rushes to the restaurant. Private Investigator Ed joins Ridge as the bartender hands over the dead man's dead cell phone.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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