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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Guide Part One

Getting Andy's cellphone to work, Ridge (Ron Moss) is upset to discover the phone is locked but his Private Investigator assures him that he can get it open.

Eileen Simpson from Andy's office interrupts, asking for the phone and admitting she was his secretary. The two get her to admit that her boss was a pig who always made lewd remarks about the way she dressed and that it's a relief not to have to see his face again.

The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Guide Part Two

Hearing they are trying to help one of the lawyer's victims, Eileen gets the cellphone unlocked and tells them the numbers she recognizes.

Later, as Ed reads off numbers on the phone, Ridge is astounded to find his mother's listed. Felicia stops by Brooke's locked mansion and warns that Stephanie may be on her way over again. Brooke's suspicious until Felicia explains that she has agreed to help Katie get the two families to end their problems.

The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Guide Part Three

As they talk about Brooke moving on with her life, Felicia notices how upset she is and forces Brooke to reveal that she was raped. She adds that the rapist is dead but explains that someone must have helped him find out about her. Brooke reveals that Ridge is out looking for this person.

Ashley confides to Eric that Ridge has made it clear to her that he wants some kind of future with her. Eric counters that it's clear to him that Ridge truly has feelings for her and urges her to be patient.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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