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Ridge explains to Brooke that there were two calls made to Andy's phone from his mother's line.

Brooke insists Stephanie wouldn't stoop this low but Ridge admits in spite of the outrageousness of it, he thinks she did help Andy.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap, Part One

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) guesses this stemmed from Stephanie's overwhelming desire to raise R.J. Ridge calls his mother again and records that he found two calls from Andy to her phone.

Brooke grabs the phone and adds to the voicemail that she enabled Andy to rape her and boasts that neither she nor Ridge will ever forgive her. Hanging up, Ridge asks Brooke if she wants to press charges but she decides not to because the best punishment for her would be Ridge ending his relationship with his mother. Bridget runs to Eric and asks him to go visit Brooke to make sure she's okay.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap, Part Two

As she wonders how Andy could have known about the hearing scheduled for the day after the rape, Bridget and Eric name everyone who knew. Eric (John McCook) realizes he has one more clue pointing to Stephanie as Andy's accomplice.

He breaks into Stephanie's desk and is astounded to find the napkin Brooke had which featured the rapist's phone number. After sending Bridget on her way, Eric angrily crumbles the napkin in his hand. When Brooke and Ridge arrive, Eric finds a letter left on a hall table for Brooke.

In it Stephanie writes how sick she is over hearing what happened to her and claims that she had no idea how dangerous he could be. She adds that she is taking some time away and knows Brooke will never forgive her.


Brooke tells both men this isn't good enough and that she wants Stephanie's head served up on a platter. She starts shrieking that Stephanie is a coward and smashes some family photos, vowing that she will survive.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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