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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Guide, Part One

Brooke tells a stunned Katie and Donna about the rape. Eric interrupts and admits how upset he is over what happened to her and Stephanie's involvement. Katie and Donna are shocked by the revelation.

Eric claims he should have put a stop to her when he saw her escalating her revenge.

Donna points out that Stephanie should be in jail but Brooke won't press charges. Out to dinner at the Cafe Russe with Carl, Bridget shows off her new high-tech cellphone and he suggests she set her phone on "lock" to keep from making accidental calls.

The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Guide, Part Two

Bridget stares as Nick escorts Taylor into the restaurant. Seeing them too, Carl again suggests to Bridget that she was lied to by the now- retired head of the hospital and thinks that there was a mistake made with the eggs implanted in Taylor. Bridget doubts it. Nick and Taylor interrupt and ask Bridget (Ashley Jones) to be god mother to their unborn baby.

Bridget is touched but later, when Carl argues with her in her car, Bridget accidentally causes her phone to dial up Nick who overhears the potential problem with Taylor's pregnancy. Donna stops by the Cafe Russe bar and starts to walk away when she spots Eric there. He stops her and admits that he's trying to get away from his problems too. She insists she would have made Thorne (Winsor Harmon) happy while making Stephanie go crazy at the same time.


When he vows not to forgive her, Donna asks if Eric is going to divorce his wife. As they discuss what will make each of them happy, Donna claims that you have to "decide to be happy" to find happiness.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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