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Episode Guide, Part One

Taylor (Hunter Tylo) assures Ashley that Ridge and Brooke are not a "foregone conclusion" and urges her to let Ridge know that she is there for him.

Just then, Ridge (Ron Moss) calls with an apology and offers to wait for her to hurry home.

When Ashley arrives, Ridge tries to kiss her but she puts him off and asks for an explanation. Ridge admits that Brooke and the kids needed time with him and that he can't tell her anything else. He assures her that nothing romantic happened up at Big Bear. Warning that she doesn't appreciate him playing games with her, Ashley does forgive him and the two kiss and make up in the bedroom.

Episode Guide, Part Two

Brooke calls to cancel the guards she hired for her mansion.

Brooke reports to Katie that her hopes to make a family with Ridge again have failed, thanks to Ashley. Katie mentions that Bridget called to report that all of her tests came back negative. Brooke's happy when Katie admits she needs a place to stay and then announces that she is not giving up on being with Ridge. Bridget (Ashley Jones) assures Nick that Taylor doesn't know about the possible lab mix up. He asks if there is any way to find out if Brooke is the mother.

Admitting she's doing this for him, Nick tells her that Taylor can never find out about this and will deal with Brooke should it turn out it's her egg that was used.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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