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The Bold and the Beautiful: Episode Recap, Part One

Inviting her to come to the Forrester mansion, Thorne (Winsor Harmon) tells Donna (Jennifer Gareis) that he doesn't regret one single minute of the "ride" they both had before he canceled their wedding.

She's astounded when he claims that he wants to thank her for taking him away from the booze and pills he had turned to. He points out that she's still wearing her engagement ring and she describes how great it would have been to be stepmother to his daughter.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Episode Recap, Part Two

With a quick kiss, a teary-eyed Donna walks out.

When Ashley suggests they drive in to work together, Ridge sheepishly admits that he has to go see Brooke first. Upset, Ashley demands that he stop this and tell her what the big secret is between him and his ex-wife. When he won't talk, she accuses him of not trusting her and leaves, warning him she won't live this way.

Nick's unnerved to find Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) in his office, snooping around looking for something. He calms down as she reveals she's back at work. When he asks why she's been gone so long, she quietly admits that she was raped. He urges her to take more time away from work but she is determined to move on.

  • But, when she leaks that she intends to reunite with Ridge, Nick doesn't like the idea but she insists that she will be with the father of her child.
  • Later, Ridge tells Brooke that he wants to let Ashley know about the attack. Brooke won't hear it and reminds him that his future is with Brooke, not Ashley.
  • Donna finds Eric playing the piano when she returns for her purse and talks about how wonderful Thorne was to her.
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