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Part One

Ridge (Ronn Moss) is amused to find Ashley staring at her engagement ring while in the lab.

Later, Rick guesses Ridge popped the question. She confirms that she's going to marry him and warns Rick to end the flirting. Rick counters that she's not married yet and doubts that she and Ridge will live happily ever after. Nick finds Brooke at her office and learns that Ridge has asked Ashley to marry him.

Part Two

Nick quickly blames Ridge for not being supportive for Brooke during this emotional time but is astounded when Brooke reveals that she does not intend to give up on the idea of being with Ridge. Nick is disgusted but she claims that it will be best for their child for her and Ridge to be together. Asked if she's happy Ridge is going to marry Ashley, Phoebe (MacKenzie Mauzy) says she just wants her father to be happy.

Part Three

Taylor (Hunter Tylo) then lets her ex-husband know that she thinks his taste in women is definitely improving. Amused, Ridge asks Taylor to be aware that Brooke is going through a difficult time now and may need her help. Claiming she's looking for Ridge, Brooke confronts Ashley in the lab. Boasting that she accepted Ridge's marriage proposal, Ashley warns her to stay away from him but Brooke refuses.

She sternly informs Ashley that Ridge has loved her for most of his adult life and says there is nothing she can do to stop Ridge from being with her

The Bold and the Beautiful
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