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The Bold and the Beautiful: Episode Guide Part I

Donna is all smiles when Eric Forrester (John McCook) calls to make sure she was happily surprised by the flowers he had delivered. She's amused to then find him at her door though she guesses he's there to let her know that Stephanie is back in town which means he's done with her after their single night of passion.

Eric disagrees and claims that he actually wants to spend more time with her like they did yesterday, simply because she listens to him. She's speechless when he calls her "extraordinary" and eventually agrees to have dinner with him tonight.

Ridge suggests to Ashley that he wants to tell the family about their engagement.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Episode Guide Part II

When Felicia (Lesli Kay), Thorne and Phoebe arrive, Rick soon follows and complains that he wasn't notified about any meeting. Ashley quickly announces she has agreed to marry Ridge which leads to congratulations from everyone but Rick. Brooke chats with Nick about Ridge's engagement but Jackie interrupts and announces that the success of Forrester Creations rests on Brooke's shoulders.

  • As Clarke refuses to take blame for their bleak future, an excited Jackie suggests that they use Brooke's sexy reputation to help drive their sales up the charts.
  • Nick's startled when Jackie confirms she wants to revive the bedroom line and brings in two models wearing two very revealing lingerie designs she recently updated.
  • Nick is against the idea and adds that his decision is final, so upon sending Jackie and Clarke out, Brooke tells Nick that she wants to do this because she needs to get her old self back for her own sake.
The Bold and the Beautiful
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