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PART ONE: Jackie is unsure of Donna’s plan of marrying Thorne just to make Stephanie’s life miserable. Thorne (Winsor Harmon) shows up to say that Aly is sick and cannot be in the wedding. Thorne wants to postpone the ceremony for a few days but Donna reassures Thorne to go through with the wedding.

Ridge regains confidence in Brooke’s ability to be a good mother and agrees to take Brooke and the kids to Big Bear ... like the old days.

PART TWO: Ridge (Ronn Moss) meets with Ashley to talk about his desire for his family to be back to normal and his plans to travel to Big Bear with them. Ridge reassures Ashley of their love. A passionate kiss from Ridge eases Ashley’s mind. Brooke excitedly tells Katie of her plans which leads Katie to believe that Brooke is still in love with him.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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