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Ridge brings Brooke breakfast in bed, and tells her about the article in the paper of Andy’s accident, and also tells Brooke that her children will be coming home to her today.

Episode Recap

  • Ridge goes to Stephanie’s to pick up his children and bring them back to their mother.
  • Stephanie yells at Ridge and tells him that he is making a mistake.
  • Taylor finds out that Nick and Jackie (Lesley-Anne Down) are suing the Forresters over their name.
  • Nick tells Taylor to concentrate on her pregnancy and not to worry about the fashion wars.
  • Katie surprises Brooke at her home and Brooke tells Katie that Ridge has dropped the custody suit.
  • Brooke is reunited with her children while Ridge watches with tears in his eyes.

Brooke thanks Ridge for bringing her kids back to her, and Ridge tells her that he will find out who Andy’s accomplice was.


Stephanie glances at the newspaper and sees the article on Andy being electrocuted on the roof. She is shell-shocked.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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