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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap, 4/25

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

Brooke tells Donna that their brother is dating Ashley but adds that Ridge doesn't want him anywhere near Ashley since he thinks Storm is dangerous. Donna defends their brother while Brooke hopes that Ashley sees the goodness in him.

After Katie is shot, Storm screams at Ashley to call for an ambulance. Finding Nick worried and Katie gone, Bridget learns that Katie went to see Ashley. She guesses Katie's just playing matchmaker but Nick tells her that Storm is trouble. Bridget asks what he's concerned about.

Just then, Bridget gets a call about Katie and the two rush to the hospital. There, Storm admits that he shot his baby sister. Bridget calls Brooke who brings Donna with her to see how Katie is doing. Meanwhile, Nick threatens Storm who insists the shooting was an accident.

Suspicious, Nick compares it to Stephanie's shooting causing Storm to ask how he knows his secret. When Brooke and Donna arrive, Nick forces Storm to admit he accidentally shot Katie.

He claims he didn't know the gun was loaded. Ridge arrives at Ashley's place and is stunned to hear that it was Storm who shot Katie.

Shaken by the events of the evening, Ashley describes what happened to Ridge who announces that it's time Storm is held accountable for his actions. In the OR the surgeon warns Bridget that they won't know what Katie's prognosis until later.

Afterwards, Dr. Brauer explains that the bullet nicked the heart muscle and caused severe damage which can't be repaired. Brooke cries to Bridget that she must not allow Katie to die. Bridget decides she'll try to find a heart for a transplant.

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