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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap, 4.28.08

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

Bridget informs the family that there are no hearts available in the surrounding area which means there won't be a transplant to save Katie's life. Storm announces that he will not allow anyone to turn off the machine that keeps her alive because he knows his sister is going to live.

Dr. Brauer tells an angry Brooke that the family can have a few moments to say goodbye to Katie but Brooke refuses to give her permission. After a shaken Ashley tells him what happened earlier, Ridge calls Brooke for an update on Katie.

He announces he's going to tell Lieutenant Baker the truth about Storm shooting Stephanie. Brooke confronts Storm and blasts him for bringing a gun to a home where a mother and her daughter live. She points out how they all stood up for him and that Katie even pleaded with Stephanie on his behalf.

When he's unable to speak, Brooke walks out of the room, leaving Storm who places his gun on the night table and then pages through family photos. After writing a note to his sisters, Storm grabs his gun and takes his own life. Lieutenant Baker arrives with an arrest warrant for Storm.

As Donna cries beside Katie and Nick comforts Brooke, Bridget apologizes, admitting she's looked everywhere but failed to find a heart. Donna then says goodbye to Katie.

Brooke adds that one day, they will all be together again.

Hearing a gunshot, Brooke rushes to the room and finds Storm on the floor. As everyone else arrives, Brooke finds a photo of Katie clenched in Storm's hand and cries out that "he gave her his heart."

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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