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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap, 4.30.08

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful

Showing them the envelope that was found in the same room where Storm took his life, Bridget points out it's addressed to Katie. Donna wonders if they should open it but they decide to wait.

Dr. Patrick advises Bridget, Donna and Brooke that Katie is doing okay. He then instructs the sisters on how best to keep Katie safe by keeping their germs away from her. Stephanie tells Eric and Ridge that she should have told the police about Storm to prevent the shooting from happening.

Pointing out he told the police, Ridge worries how Brooke will react. In tears Donna calls and leaves a message for her father, asking him to come back to town. Eric comforts Donna afterwards. She and Brooke then join Bridget in Katie's room. Katie wakes and whispers Storm's name.

They change the subject and try to keep secret what happened to Storm. She smiles when Nick enters and then tells them that it wasn't Storm's fault. Brooke pulls out the envelope Storm left for Katie.

Brooke hesitates when Katie instructs her to read it. Bridget convinces her to read the note in which Storm apologizes for all the times he's let her down. He continues to write that they will always be together now.

Agitated, Katie asks over and over where Storm is until she realizes what happened. Out in the hall, Stephanie argues with Eric about whether Katie would have accepted Storm's heart.

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