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PART ONE: After kissing her passionately, Nick tells Brooke that she can't marry Ridge because her heart belongs with him and Jack. Brooke claims it can't happen because she and Ridge are going to raise their own son. She starts to leave but Jack cries so she returns to him and lifts him out of his crib. As Brooke holds Jack, Nick confesses he loves her. After having sex, Eric gets a call from security that Stephanie has entered. Donna panics but Eric claims it's the best chance to show Stephanie they are not together.

PART TWO: Hearing Stephanie approach, Eric stages a loud fight with Donna, shouting at her to take all of her lingerie and get out of the building. After Eric storms out, Stephanie confronts Donna and boasts that she finally believes Eric has dumped her. Taylor is astounded when Rick kisses her and asks him what he meant by it. Rick claims he has deep feelings for her, and decides he wants to kiss her again. She reminds him she's much older and married, but he calls her a "hot mom" which brings a smile to her face.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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