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Brooke breaks off the kiss explaining to Nick that she just can’t do this. Nick replies to Brooke that it may not be today, but it is going to happen between them again and they both know it. Brooke pulls away from him and runs out of the room. Stephanie is furious to learn that Eric (John McCook) is still sleeping with Donna and swears to invoke pain on Donna like the pain Stephanie has.

Later, Stephanie receives a phone call from a private investigator who informs her that Eric was spotted at a seedy apartment and then gives her the address. Stephanie heads out to catch Eric and Donna in the act. Upon another visit from Bridget, Nick reveals to her about Brooke turning him down. Nick explains to Bridget that Brooke realizes that she belongs with him and Jack.

Stephanie (Susan Flannery) arrives at Donna and Eric’s love nest demanding for the couple to open the door. Donna and Eric become flustered, wondering what they are going to do next...

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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