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On today's Bold and the Beautiful, Lt. Baker and his son press Stephanie for the reason she called them. After some thought, Stephanie changes her mind and claims that she is responsible for the shooting. As everyone wonders what she's talking about, Stephanie claims that she's done some terrible things and suggests that the police close the case. When Baker states that the police don't operate that way, Stephanie avows that as far as she is concerned, the case is over for good.

After the police leave, Stephanie tells Storm that he's free and tells him that she forgives him, thanks to Katie's impassioned plea for him. Katie, Brooke and Donna thank Stephanie. Making her a martini, Eric asks his ex-wife why she changed her mind. Stephanie points out how important it is that he knows she has a heart and that she loves him. She does ask him to spend their anniversary together with their family and he agrees. Alone with her sisters, Donna knows Eric will not go back to Stephanie in spite of her change of heart.

Katie urges her to wait awhile before she reunites with Eric.

When Nick reminds Taylor that Brooke is their baby's biological mother, Taylor counters that she is the baby's legal mother and adds that this will never change. She again argues with him about why Brooke suddenly became so close to Jack and insists the best place for the baby is with Taylor. She's shocke he would think she'd walk out on her own child and guesses that he's already talked with Brooke about raising Jack.

Taylor agrees to let the baby stay the night.

Later, Taylor's pleased when Rick stops by for a visit. After she explains why she's not with Jack, Rick offers to engage in some adult fun. After a kiss, they agree that he should leave.

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