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When Taylor presses Brooke to agree to marry Ridge tonight, Brooke instead asks to speak to Nick alone. Taylor is outraged that she feels she can't talk in front of them but relents. While they talk in another room about Taylor's scheme and Brooke orders Nick to tell his wife to back off, Ridge defends Brooke's hesitancy by reminding her about Stephanie being shot and Stephen being arrested.

Brooke returns and tells Taylor (Hunter Tylo) that she can't marry Ridge. Taylor is furious with her. She grabs a glass of wine and toasts Brooke on her "win." Nick and Brooke urge her to put the glass down. She throws it against a nearby wall and tells them to go. Back at home Ridge tells Brooke he feels they're married now. Nick calls later to report to Brooke that Taylor has calmed down.

Jackie tells Stephanie (Susan Flannery) that Brooke is Jack's biological mother. Stephanie doesn't believe her but Bridget arrives and confirms that mishap in the lab. Jackie voices her approval of Brooke and Nick being together but Bridget is disgusted and warns her to stay out of this mess. After Bridget leaves, Jackie suggests to Stephanie that they work together to put Brooke with Nick...

The Bold and the Beautiful
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