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The Bold and the Beautiful recap: Part One
Taylor overhears Nick admitting to James that while he loves what Taylor has done for him, he also fears that he's losing her and mentions she reached for a glass of wine last night. Taylor interrupts and confesses that she has been drinking. She explains that she had hoped that the impromptu wedding would put everything in its place but things fell apart when Brooke refused to marry Ridge...

The Bold and the Beautiful recap: Part Two
James reminds Taylor where inner peace comes from. James advises Nick to look deep in his heart and see if he's still in love with Brooke. Eric apologizes to Donna for having to meet her at the seedy motel room and admits that he's moved back in with Stephanie though he's staying in the guest room. While Eric's out of the room, Brooke arrives and Eric confirms that he and Donna have faked their break up...

The Bold and the Beautiful recap: Part Three
As Brooke quickly worries about "Stormy," Eric assures her they'll keep up the ruse and keep him safe. Ridge talks with Stephanie about Eric and Donna and finds it hard to believe they are no longer together. Stephanie admits that she knows that Brooke is the mother of Jack. She urges him not to marry Brooke but then backs off as Ridge becomes disgusted. Stephanie later warns Brooke that the gloves are off...

The Bold and the Beautiful
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