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PART I: As The Bold and the Beautiful gets underway, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) tries to reach Storm and Katie by phone in hopes of stopping him from confessing the truth to the police. Stephanie (Susan Flannery) interrupts and is concerned to hear that she hasn't reached Storm yet. Stephanie offers to do as Brooke has asked but only if Brooke gets Donna to end it with Eric.

PART II: Brooke is disgusted by her demands. Katie accompanies her brother into Charlie's (Mykel Shannon Jenkins) office and Storm announces that he has new information that will clear his father. Charlie puts them off for a bit but as Storm's about to tell all, Brooke's call finally gets through. She asks her brother to stop confessing and then convinces Katie to bring their brother home.

PART III: Donna's (Jennifer Gareis) amused when Eric (John McCook) surprises her with a romantic dinner at the end of the Forrester runway. He announces that he's taking her on an imaginary trip to an island tonight and then proceeds to have various models show off the designs he has created for her for the trip. He finishes by signaling for the final model to come out.

PART IV: As Storm (William deVry) and Katie (Heather Tom) arrive, he tells Stephanie that he is ashamed by what he did. He blames his actions on his anger towards his dad and apologizes, adding that he'll learn his lesson behind bars. Donna arrives so Stephanie announces she is prepared to go to the police. After she leaves, Brooke tells Donna that she must end things with Eric if they want Stephanie to cooperate...

The Bold and the Beautiful
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