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Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Nick compares a photo of Jack with one of him with Brooke and her kids. Eric plays the surprised ex when Stephanie claims she's ready to forgive him for leaving her to be with Donna. Eric then rants about falling for Donna and offering to help her with her sex addiction.

He claims he found her in bed with another man.

When Stephanie asks if he wants to come back to her, Eric pretends to be surprised and asks her if she would really take him back after all that he has done. He suggests they take things slowly and asks her never to mention Donna (Jennifer Gareis) again. Katie offers her sympathies to Donna after her breakup.

Donna finally reveals that she's still with Eric because he's dealing with Stephanie using his own plan. She then calls Stephanie who reports that she's keeping her part of the bargain but wants Donna never to see Eric again. Rick returns to Taylor's place and claim he's really worried about her because she's drinking again.

Taylor accuses him of wanting Nick and Brooke back together and claims that anyone in her position would have had a drink. Taylor asks him not to tell anyone about the drink. Finally convincing her that he means her no harm, Rick asks her to call him if she ever needs help. A grateful Taylor calms down and embraces him.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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