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PART I: Eric is surprised by Brooke's somber reaction to his big news - that he asked Donna to marry him. He guesses she fears Stephanie's reaction and what she may due to Donna. Brooke urges him to accept what he has now with Donna and delay getting married. Eric decides to do something special for Donna. Stephanie asks Donna (Jennifer Gareis) if she's willing to allow her brother to sit in jail for the rest of his life.

PART II: Stephanie calls her bluff and grabs the phone, proclaiming that she's going to call Lt. Baker. Donna convinces her to hang up and then argues about why Eric decided to end his marriage. Just then, Eric calls and invites Donna up to Big Bear tomorrow. After Donna hangs up, Stephanie calls her selfish and points out she's the only one who can save Storm (William deVry). Stephanie orders her to end things tomorrow.

PART III: As Taylor continues to rant to Nick about Brooke being in their lives, she admits her fear exists in her head. Nick (Jack Wagner) asks her to put herself in the role of a patient with the problem and rid demons from her mind. Taylor reluctantly agrees and starts screaming that she wants Brooke to get out of her life and stay out. After a few screams, Taylor (Hunter Tylo) complains that it's not working but once Nick tends to their crying baby, he returns to find Taylor calm.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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