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The Bold and the Beautiful
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July 15, 2008

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Owen interrupts Pam and Donna as Pam berates her boss's new wife again. After Pam leaves, Owen suggests that she shouldn't talk to Donna that way.

As she describes Pam and their relationship, he suggests that she hire him as her new assistant so that he can take over for Pam and keep an eye on everything at Forrester for her.

When Donna warms up to the idea, she brings him out to Pam's desk where she announces to Pam and Felicia that Owen is her new assistant. Back inside her office, Owen quickly starts organizing her business life and she's impressed.

After Donna steps out, Felicia slips back in and he boasts that he intends to do this job for real. He also claims Donna's not a bad person but Felicia counters that she's ruined her family and reminds him he's being paid $200,000.

Nick carries Bridget up to their bedroom. He apologizes for not taking her to Italy but she claims she doesn't need the extravagant gifts and vacations.

She also reminds him that with Katie and Jack to take care of, it's better for them both to remain in town. Nick promises to take her to Italy after Labor Day. The two then fall into bed.

Meanwhile, Brooke stares at an old photo of her own wedding and tells Ridge that she'll never be as happy as she was back then. The two talk about how their relationship has fallen apart over the past few months.

When she points out how they always apologized and forgave each other, Ridge tells her he's sorry and that he forgives her, over and over, as he kisses her.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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