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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap
May 1, 2008

When Stephen arrives at the hospital, Eric tells him that Katie had a heart transplant. As the truth sinks in, Katie starts sobbing hysterically. Bridget urges her to calm down as do Nick and Brooke.

Stephen bursts in and tries to calm her. He then asks where Storm is. After Donna calls him brave, Brooke tells their father that Storm shot himself and Bridget explains that they were unable to find a heart for Katie other than Storm's.

Assuring Katie and Bridget he doesn't blame them, Stephen asks to see his son one last time and says a few words over his son's lifeless body, admitting that Storm was a better man than he was.

Back in Katie's room, Stephen calls for help when she starts complaining. Bridget examines her and guesses that her body is rejecting Storm's heart. Dr. Patrick also examines her and explains that they should wait and see what happens.

He goes on to explain that at some point, medicine can't do anything more for the patient who must decide on their own that they want to live.

Donna and Stephen plead with Katie to fight to live and accept Storm's heart.

After Brooke warns her to not allow Storm's "gift" to be given in vain, Katie mumbles that it was wrong.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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