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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap - 7.9.09

On today's The Bold and the Beautiful:

As everyone stands around the pool, Donna quiets the group and thanks them all for coming to this engagement party to celebrate tomorrow's wedding.

She describes this time as a homecoming for her mother Beth, her son Marcus and Ridge and Taylor's daughter Steffy. Donna then announces that today is Marcus' birthday and as she congratulates him with a kiss, Pam enters.

Eric offers a toast to Bridget and Nick followed by Ridge who quietly congratulates them both. Stephen eyes Eric as he chats with Beth who thanks him for making Donna happy.

When Donna reminds Pam that she wasn't invited to the party, Pam ignores her and starts badmouthing her for trying to take her sister's place in Eric's life. Eric stops her and orders Pam to get out.

Pam leaves but gets even with Donna later. Spotting Owen nearby, Donna grabs him and introduces him to Eric as the man responsible for reuniting her with her son.

Eric's impressed when Owen gifts him with an expensive bottle of gin. Brooke pulls Nick aside to find out if he's going to be able to deal with his feelings for Katie. Nick assures her that he loves Bridget.

He then asks Stephen to be his best man. Meanwhile, Felicia enters Stephanie's place and finds her in a darkened bedroom.

Guessing she's depressed, Felicia tries to force her to eat but Stephanie insists she's not depressed and won't get professional help. Felicia runs to Eric and asks him to help her mother.

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