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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap, 6.3.08

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Katie forces Bridget to confirm that she's rejecting Storm's heart. When Bridget reveals that Katie may have only weeks to live, Katie guesses it could be less than that too.

Asking for time to think about what to do, Katie insists that they not treat her like she's going to drop dead any minute. Tired, Katie decides to go upstairs and after Nick escorts her, Bridget leaks to an amused Brooke that Katie has a crush on Nick.

Brooke points out they've got to do whatever they can to make Katie's final days as enjoyable as possible. Back downstairs, Nick's taken aback when Bridget tells him and Brooke that he is the key to Katie's happiness. Nick promises to do whatever he can to give her joy.

Insisting that she wants him in her life, Donna pleads with Marcus to understand why she can't tell Eric he's her son. He insists he came to L.A. just to put a face to a name but Donna decides that she can get him a job at Forrester.

Against the idea, Marcus tells her about the snooping Pam who thinks they're having an affair. Donna's not afraid of Pam and pleads with him to accept her offer.

Marcus starts talking about his desire to excel in athletics in school and shows off the tattoo he has for his favorite college.

While he admits he was focused on succeeding, he also claims that she was always in his thoughts, telling her how much kinder she is than he thought she would be. Marcus then accepts her offer.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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