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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Guide, 6.2.08

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

Brooke panics when Katie feels faint. With Katie upstairs, Bridget leaks that according to Dr. Patrick, Katie's body is rejecting Storm's heart which means she has only a couple of weeks left to live.

Nick wonders if they should rush her to the hospital but Bridget claims there is nothing to be done. Brooke wonders how they're going to tell Katie she may not have a future.

Katie hears them arguing and insists on knowing the truth. As they hesitate, Katie guesses the anti-rejection drugs aren't working which means she's not going to survive.

None of the three are able to confirm it. While Eric takes a phone call, Donna imagines Eric ending their marriage after being outraged by her secret that Marcus is her son. Marcus asks her if she has told Eric yet.

Donna admits that she's having second thoughts. When Eric returns, she opts not to tell him and sends him off to work to handle a problem with Customs.

After he leaves, Donna tells Marcus that the timing was all wrong to tell Eric the truth but he doesn't believe it when she claims that she wants the world to know that he is her son.

Finding Stephanie in the office, Felicia accuses her of being bored and claims that they need her at the company. Stephanie states that it's not possible as those days are over.

Now that she's living at the beach, she admits she's had time to think and she doesn't know what her purpose is anymore. Felicia worries about her being alone but Stephanie thanks her for her concern.

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