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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Guide, 4/14/08

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

Nick agrees with the designer that they get rid of the bathtub in her office.

Katie assures Bridget that there is nothing going on between her and Nick other than a kiss or two. Bridget guesses she has a crush on Nick but Katie denies it.

Later, Bridget lets Nick know that Katie told her about the kiss.

She asks if he's interested in Katie but Nick avoids answering though he kisses Bridget after she warns him not to hurt her again. After Nick leaves, Bridget boasts to Katie that this is her and Nick's "fair shot" at having a relationship. When Brooke worries that Ridge spilled the secret about her brother shooting Stephanie.

Ridge lies that her secret is safe.

He does reveal that he saw Storm and Ashley having dinner earlier and adds that he did warn Ashley about Storm's deadly attempt on his mother, but assures her that Ashley won't tell anyone.

Meanwhile, with Ridge's warning resonating in her mind, Ashley suggests to Storm that she take a cab home because she lives so far out of the way. Storm insists on driving her home. When they finally arrive, Storm tries to invite himself in but Ashley quickly states that she has to get up early tomorrow.

Moving closer to her, Storm asks if she believes everything that Ridge tells her. Ashley doesn't answer so he kisses her until she stops him and says "goodnight." Ashley later tells Ridge about the strange ride home and how scared she was. As they talk, an angry Storm stares through the window at her.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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