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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap, 3.28.08

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Donna screams in disbelief as she sees her hair is dyed green. Eric jokes that they might want to use her look for their next campaign. Donna freaks out when she removes her whitening trays and finds her teeth are hideously discolored, completing her appearance.

Realizing someone must be doing this to her, Donna calls Pam in and, in front of Eric, accuses her of being behind the terrible things that have happened to her.

Pam denies it. Pestering her for the truth about Nick's feelings for Bridget, Brooke argues with Katie about whether her desire to protect her daughter is legitimate.

Katie admits that while Nick loves Bridget, it's not the same kind of love that Bridget has for him. Bridget and Nick enjoy a romantic evening together until her beeper sounds and she's forced to return to the hospital.

When Katie stops by, Nick invites her to have the dinner he and Bridget were going to share. As they eat, Nick confesses he's been having completely unacceptable thoughts about her.

Storm checks in on Brooke who again urges him to go to Europe. He explains why he can't. Phoebe stuns Rick by confessing that she wrote the anonymous letter to him and realizes that she loves him.

She boasts that she wants to prove it to him all night but they're interrupted by Taylor.

While Bridget goes to check on dinner, Rick tells Taylor he thought she wrote the letter. Taylor confirms that she has feelings for him but points out that this proves they can't be together.

She then tries to leave Rick with her daughter but he offers to escort her to her car where, in the pouring rain, he claims he can't imagine living his life without her, the woman he loves.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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