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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap / 3.4.08

Taylor's lawyer asks Nick why he's no longer with Taylor if he truly loves her. Nick claims there are issues that drove Taylor away and is forced to admit that his feelings for Brooke are part of the reason why Taylor moved out. A fragile Taylor then takes the stand and testifies that the incident that caused her to leave Nick was when he admitted that he was in love with Brooke and always would be.

Directing her comments to the judge, Taylor claims this is due to Brooke who wants to take her baby from her after taking Ridge from her. Questioning Brooke for choosing to sit directly behind Nick, Taylor then points out that Bridget is sitting with her mother and that Bridget switched the eggs so that Taylor would carry Brooke's baby. Taylor suggests that anyone would be drinking after all she's been through.

The judge takes a recess and then returns to announce his decision to give Nick custody of Jack because of her alcoholism. He also orders Taylor to undergo therapy. Hysterical, Taylor blasts Nick for doing this to her and collapses to her knees, mumbling that this is not fair. Looking through the family photo album with Felicia, Stephanie talks about her first wedding with Eric.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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