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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap, 5/14/08

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

Bringing her a black outfit to wear, Nick's surprised when Katie announces that she is not attending her brother's memorial.

Though he claims he doesn't care, Nick warns that one day in the future, she'll regret her decision today. Katie does ask him to take her to the room where Storm killed himself.

There, she sends Nick outside while she remains inside, arguing with a vision of her brother who defends his decision to let her live. Katie angrily states that she won't be his walking grave and refuses to make his life worthwhile.

When the Reverend Healey arrives for the service, Brooke and Donna lash out at her because her pastor claimed that Storm doesn't deserve a church memorial. The mystery man arrives and, finding the front door open, enters and quickly is approached by Eric and then Donna.

When they guess he's part of the catering team, Donna sends him to the kitchen but as he leaves, he stares at her. Later, he overhears Felicia badmouthing Donna for marrying Eric.

As the ceremony gets underway, Stephen speaks to everyone about his son and points out that he was a good man for giving up his life to save his sister's life.

Brooke is next and asks Reverend Healey what she thinks. Admitting she didn't know Storm, she points out that his last act was not one of hopelessness but one of hope.

Donna calls her brother brave for wanting Katie to have a long life and claims that Katie would say the same thing. Katie suddenly enters and demands to be heard.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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