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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Guide, May 15, 2008

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Katie addresses her family and guests at Storm's memorial service by pointing out how hopeful we tend to be after someone has died.

Looking at Storm's ashes, Katie claims they're not complete without her. She admits she has her own doubts about eternal life and then removes the top of her bandage to show everyone where Storm is now.

Asking them not to turn away, Katie claims that she is the reason that Storm is dead and that she knows he didn't want to take his life. She adds that she is far closer to knowing about that desire than he ever was.

Katie announces that she hates Storm for what he did but loves him too, promising that she will never forget how much he loved her.

The mystery man listens as Ridge complains to Eric about what Storm did to their family.

Brooke gets Donna and Katie to promise never to put up barriers between them like they did after Storm's death. The mystery man offers his condolences to Donna and claims he could feel her pain.

Stephanie finds Taylor waiting for Katie in her hospital room and admits she spent the night in the room last night. Taylor reveals that Rick asked her to come and talk with Katie.

After Stephanie makes a remark about Rick, the two learn that Katie did go to the memorial service after all and wonder how a doctor could allow that. Brooke stares as Nick embraces Katie...

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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