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The Bold and the Beautiful
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May 27, 2008

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Donna tries to tell Eric about her secret son but he assures her that there is nothing she could do which would make him love her any less.

As he goes on, she decides that she doesn't need to tell him about Marcus. Downplaying his family's concerns about her, Eric assures Donna that she's all he needs in his life and doesn't care about any skeletons that might or might not be in her closet.

When Marcus calls and leaves a message with Pam, she fails to pass it along to Donna. Instead, she slips out to the Insomnia, finds Marcus and asks him about his connection with Donna.

Katie chastises Donna for failing to tell Eric about her son but Donna claims that this is a big enough scandal that Eric could lose his company to Ridge and the others.

She also reports that Eric doesn't want any kids. At the Insomnia a somber Rick convinces Phoebe that he and his mother never meant to hurt her. Taylor enters the office and finds Ridge and Brooke stewing.

She guesses they know what happened and Ridge asks how she could have hurt their daughter this way. Brooke jumps on Taylor for sleeping with her boyfriend but Taylor denies that they have had sex.

Rick overhears Taylor telling them that she ended things with Rick. Brooke guesses she's now hurt her son but Rick bursts in and denies it. He points out he wasn't dating Phoebe anymore and can't expect to get Phoebe's approval on all his girlfriends.

Ridge claims Phoebe will never get over this. Just then, Phoebe arrives and announces that she is not going to stand in the way of her mother and Rick being happy. After Phoebe leaves, Rick asks Taylor to marry him. Brooke pleads with Taylor not to accept the engagement ring.

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