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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Guide, 5/28

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

Admitting the Caller ID led her to the Insomnia and to him, Pam tells Marcus that she thinks that Donna is taking advantage of him and knows what's going on. Marcus is shocked when he realizes Pam thinks he and Donna are having an affair.

Marcus denies it and orders her to keep her "twisted little mind" to herself. Brooke pleads with Taylor to put off Rick's marriage proposal, pointing out that her divorce from Ridge isn't that old. Rick accuses his mother of being afraid that they'll have sex.

Taylor tells Ridge and Brooke that the marriage proposal is none of their business. She then quietly tells Rick that she will marry him and seals the deal with a kiss. She does ask for time to talk with her kids first. Rick then turns to his mother and warns her that he may lose her if she doesn't accept his relationship with Taylor.

After they leave, Brooke guesses to Ridge that Taylor's doing this to get even with her. Ridge doesn't think so but Brooke reminds him how upset Taylor was to realize that Jack is her baby.

Guessing she's right, Ridge asks her to leave them alone for fear of driving Rick away but Brooke refuses to give up on "saving" her son.

At Taylor's Rick assures Taylor that he's ready to be her husband and a step-father to Jack. The two then have sex for the first time.

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