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After explaining how the swelling is causing paralysis, Rick's doctor tests his legs, and he feels something, which thrills him, Bridget and Brooke.

Brooke invites him to come live at her place so she can take care of him. But when she mentions that Ridge is there too, Rick won't consider it and demands that she go home and tell Nick to move out.

Brooke tells Ridge that Rick is coming home so Ridge claims he's happy that he'll have time to "resolve their conflicts."

Brooke explains that Rick wants him out of their house which Broke claims is what her son needs. However, she also promises Ridge that their wedding plans are not going to change.

Bringing Thomas back to town, Taylor announces to her son and Steffy that she wants to reunite the family.

Admitting she ended things with Rick, Taylor claims she didn't fight hard enough for them after her marriage to their father failed.

Calling Brooke an addiction that is hard to break, Taylor asks her children if that's what they want for their father.

As Stephanie joins them, the kids urge her not to be so hard on herself. However, Thomas tries to make her see the reality of the situation.

She insists that she can be with Ridge.

Nick and Katie are amazed to hear about the fight and Rick's accident after Taylor dumped him. Nick is quick to immediately blame Ridge for what happened but he insists he was defending himself.

He also reminds Nick that nothing is going to interfere with Brooke being his wife.

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