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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Guide, 5.13.08

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke laments to Ridge that her brother died, thinking she thought he was a monster. When she asks if she might have driven him to commit suicide, Ridge insists she didn't and urges her to look at what Storm did as saving Katie's life.

The morning after the wedding, Eric admits to Donna that the kids are worried because they haven't heard from Stephanie. She suggests he go looking for her but he claims this is not the way to start their marriage though he does go into the office.

Donna offers to help Stephen plan Storm's memorial. Stephen explains that their mom is not coming because she feels it's time for some closure. Katie finds Stephanie fell asleep and spent the night in her room.

Before she leaves, Stephanie lectures her that some wounds never heal but that you can get on with your life if you accept the love and help of people around you. Later, Katie tells her father that she will not be at Storm's memorial service no matter when they hold it.

Stephen tries to force the issue but then backs off as Katie becomes emotional. A mystery man reads about Donna and Eric's nuptials and calls to buy an airline ticket to Los Angeles. Eric's relieved when Stephanie arrives at the office.

As they talk about all the Logan family is facing now because of Storm's suicide, she points out that you never know how people are going to act in a tough situation.

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