Meeting Stormfront - The Boys
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They're adding the Supes to the military. The conversations are contentious.

Meanwhile, the Supes are out killing anyone suspected of terrorism. It's deliciously gruesome.

As the suits discuss the casualty allowance, the 34% of it is occuring beautifully.

Heads have rolled. But Black Noir just teases a boy with his stuffed bunny, leaving him alive as he walks out the door with his dad's head.

Homelander is honoring Transluscent, murdered by the super terrorist El Diablo, he says.

Transluscent appears to be lying in state, but he's, you know, transluscent.

Starlight singing a song in his honor. Erin Moriarty has a great voice!

Transluscent's baby pictures are hilarious.

The Deep is drinking a load of froo froo drinks while he watches the proceedings on TV. They cut him out of the photos, and he's pissed.

Starlight kisses Homelander's ass for the cameras. Hughie can't even look.

Hughie is living in a hovel.

Pressure by Billy Joel plays as Starlight gets out of her costume, floobs, and wig while Hughie gets dressed in his standard garb.

A-Train is on life support.

Kikimo actually smiles when Hughie compliments her drawing.

Hughie is out in the streets, and Starlight is incognito in the same streets.

Billy the Butcher is front-page news.

Hughie and Starlight meet on the subway. He's wanted and she's kind of super famous. He's worried about a sim card being snapped. To be together, they need to go to great lengths.

Hughie delivers a candidate to Starlight who knows the guy from her Capes for Christ days.

When Hughie mentions Ansel Adams Alden Aldenright, Starlight moves her leg from Hughies. That he lied still stings.

The Deep is having a breakdown at a Sandusky waterpark when the police are called.

He gets gum on the ass of suit in jail. Eagle D. Archer out of Cleveland pays his bail and delivers him a Fresca. Because even heroes need a hand every once in a while.

They're showing a reenactment on TV in which Billy kills Madeline Stillwell. Oops, they have the story wrong.

The Boys photos are all over the TV.

Hughie doesn't want to run. He wants to get Compound V and take it to the news so they can burn Vought to the ground. Hughie is sure that they don't need Butcher to continue. The others do not exactly agree.

Madeline's office is being renovated. Homelander seems a little but upset about her death. The man does have rage issues. In the small fridge is a bottle of breast milk. He warms it up and begins drinking in such a gross way.

Ashley is back at the company. She's renovating the office. Homelander recommended her for the job.

Ashley has found the perfect candidate to replace Transluscent. His name is Blindspot. He's differently abled, aka blind. If they find a minority woman, then they're in the game.

Homelander has questins. Such as, what happens if he does "this" he asks while boxing the man's ears to the point of bleeding. Just another fuckin' blind guy.

Now, Homelander has Ashley in line.

Starlight's mom is texting her like crazy. When she sees herself on the small cab screen, she breaks it with her eyes.


Archer says they've all been there. Rock bottom.

Carol helped him see that archery is a pure and ancient art.

She wonders how Deep ended up here. Archer says to open up about his self-esteem and drinking. She wants to help him get back into the Seven. Then Deep's ears perk up.

Kikimo shows Frenchie what she found. She writes the word boy and tries to get Frenchie to understand. He does not.

Hughie wants to call Annie. MM is annoyed at the thought. Oh no, Hughie fuckin' called her.

Mother's Milk tries to talk down to Hughie, but he's not accepting it. This is all he has left, and he'll give it his all.

Maybe he can't be Lee Marvin, but he can be Harry Potter or John Conner or what's her name from the Hunger Games. The person that nobody thinks is awesome but it turns out that they're kind of fuckin' awesome.

Starlight follows Gecko to a local diner. He played fake Jesus since he can take a nail like nobody's business.

Annie wishes she had done a lot more stuff that her mother never wanted her to do because theyr'e no god. Nobody is watching over them. It's all lies.

She needs a favor. She wants him to steal her a sample of Compound V. He lies and says he doesn't know what it is. They cut of his limbs and they grow back there. If he doesn't do it, she's going to post the S&M video on TMZ.

Maeve and Homelander are with the military doing a commercial for the Saving America campaign. It's where we catch up with Stormfront.

She announces that she's in the Seven replacing Transluscent. Ashley says she doesn't know anything about it. Mr. Edgar delivered the good news, Stormfront tells Homelander. Fuckin' great.

MM tells Hughie he ain't John Cusak and he doesn't have a boombox. The deeper he pushes Starlight, the more trouble she'll be in.

The Deputy Director Raynor wonders if Homelander killed Stillwell. She delivers news that MM's daughter is starting soccer.

She begins to bleed from the nose just after telling them that it's a coup from inside of Vought, and her head explodes.

Homelander visits Mr. Edgar, who runs a superhero company who never checks in on the superheroes.

Homelander wants to do a little contract negotiation.

The earliest iterations of Compound V were tested at Dachow. Mr. Edgar shares that their real product isn't superheroes, it's Compound V which Homelander slipped to terrorists around the world. Now the FDA knows about Compound V and soon will the rest of the world. Oops. Homelander made some mistakes.

Homelander pays his son a visit.

Annie calls with her good news, but Hughie doesn't want her to move forward with outing Vought, and he doesn't want to tell her what he knows about Raynor.

He swears to God that he's not lying to her.

A body gets tossed down their stairs. Just after he's there, Butcher descends. He's wearing a velor jogging suit, and MM calls him on it.


The Boys
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The Boys Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Homelander: Hey, guys, um, I just have one question if that's OK.
Ashley: Yeah.
Homelander: Yeah?
Ashley: Yeah.
Homelander: Alright. So, what happens if I do, uh, I don't know, I do this. [boxes Blindspot's ears] And now, you're just another useless fuckin' blind guy. This must be some kind of a joke. Ashleyyyy, what made you think I'd ever allow a cripple into The Seven?

Starlight: Hey, get some sleep.
Hughie: I'll sleep when I know you're safe.