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Sheriff Ed Flanagan has Homelander as his side as they scare the bejesus out of school kids with the perils of supervillains.

Armed teachers are at the ready, and a survival plan will increase their chances of survival.

Bob is on his way to talk to the president. He's declaring a national emergency to juice law enforcement and first responders with Compound V. Grace says that an avalanche of supes would be a disaster. Bob has no choice but to follow orders even if Vought has them by the short hairs.

Becca is on the run with an entire brigade after her. She's in the middle of the woods, wielding a knife for protection.

Donna is leaving, wondering why Annie likes the anxious boy with the moist handshake. And she gives Annie a new cross, which she doesn't have to wear, but she needs to have.

At the hovel, The Boys are getting their weapons together to successfully battle the Seven, one by one.

Hughie says killing the supes doesn't stop Vought from making more. Annie has a plan. She can get someone to testify.

Stormfront has no idea who exploded heads, so Homelander thinks it was Edgar who did it. She's so excited to move beyond the dancing monkey shit, but Homelander doesn't look as convinced.

Annie and Hughie are listening to Only the Good Die Young. She needs to know. Why Billy Joel? It was the music in his house growing up, he says.

Annie tries to get Hughie to see why killing the supes might be the right angle. But she's not giving up on helping him any more than he gave up on her.

Hughie meets Maeve by stepping over empty bottles and extending his hand across a bunch of drugs. She's not even remotely interested in helping them. It doesn't matter what they do, nothing changes. She's in a pretty bad place.

Becca made her way to Butcher. She launches herself in to his arms, crying. They got Ryan.

The preacher dude is hosting Edgar, trying to win a place for The Deep. He speaks on A-Train. Edgar says allowing one back is kind, but two shows weakness.

The Deep is gong to be reinstated. A-Train walks in when they leave. Hell no.

Becca is getting welcomed by the Boys. They know all about her, but she knows nothing about them. Billy is going to go do a little digging into Ryan's whereabouts.

Everyone loves watching Butcher care for his wife.

Butcher calls Edgar.

Ashley is pulling her hair out while stressfully watching over Ryan.

Ryan is intelligent, and Becca says that learning is a gift, so he teaches himself the states in alpha order and other fun games. Ryan is lonely, so they take him to Planet Vought.

Ryan is loving it until the people crowd in wanting attention from Homelander and Stormfront. He clenches his head, covering his ears. He wants his mommy, and Homelander takes him in his arms and up and away.

Annie thought Hughie's mom was dead, but she' left when he was six. He used to have dance parties with his mom. Then, one day, she just left. He hangs in there no matter how bad it gets because he doesn't want to be like her.

A-Train pops out of the backseat, practically scaring the shit out of them. He's there to give Annie a report of some kind, evening the score. It's info on Stormfront.

Butcher wants Edgar to betray Homelander. After all, he turned a racist peice of shite into America's sweetheart.

Butcher wants Edgar to take Ryan away so that Homelander returns to form, but Edgar says that the whole point is for Becca to raise him.

Butcher says if Edgar says it's the only way they can keep him safe, she'll go along with it.

Ryan is curled up on the couch when Homelander and Stromfront try to help him. She's encouraging him to father Ryan, who was so scared of so many people.

Homelander says he cried his eyes out the first time he was in a crowd, something that Ryan finds fascinating. Maybe the next time Ryan is scared, they'll fly away together.

Homelander had nobody to help him understand his powers because the doctors were all scared of him. He promises to help Ryan navigate the supe waters. He says he loves Ryan, who then leads against him for comfort.

Everyone is in. It's finally their chance to do something good, there's no way they're taking a pass.

Butcher won't allow Becca to go with them, but she needs him to promise her something first.

Kimiko is making paper birds. She' worried she'll freeze if she sees Stormfront again.

Homelander trieds to teach Ryan to lazer a little statue of The Deep. Homelander wants him to think of someone he hates, but Ryan doesn't think he hates anyone. Stormfront says that bad guys want to wipe them from the earth because of the color of their skin. White genocide.

She gets a call. Anger.

While The Boys are getting things ready, jets fly overhead.

Stormfront is storming through headquarters to watch the news of her Nazi connection and marriage to Vought.

Even Homelander can't believe it. Then the house alarm goes off, frightening Ryan. The Boys have arrived!

Becca is there with earphones. She introduces him to her husband. It's alright, she says.

It wasn't a house alarm. It was their boobytrap. What the fuck? Homelander wonders.

Butcher admits the deal he made with Edgar and that when the rubber met the road, he couldn't do it, so he got them both away.

The Vought team took Ryan. The don't stand a chance against Homelander's wrath and laser eyes.

Butcher pleads with Becca to let him do this one good thing. She agrees, and they prepare to part again, this time saying goodbye.

As they're driving away, Stormfront drops in front of the car and sends it flying.

Stormfront and Starlight prepare to get it on.

Butcher runs off with Becca and Ryan while the Boys prepare to take on Stormfront.

Kimiko begins to laugh, drawing Stormfront's attention. Two supes on one might be a match, but it doesn't go well from the start. Stormfront charges the explosives while they're still in the car, and Kimiko and Stormfront are on each other. Stormfront breaks Kimiko's neck.

Everyone opens fire on Stormfront, but she's doing well. Maeve shows up. Hey, Kraut. Now it's three on one, and Stormfront doesn't stand a chance since they're perfectly timed to a rockin' song by Peaches, "Boys Wanna Be Her." Perfect!

Until she jets right up into the sky and disappears.

She catches up with Butcher, Becca, and Ryan, and while Butcher tries to get her off of Becca, Ryan's powers come alive, and he destroys Stormfront, who lay dying as she mumbles German.

But Becca got taken down in the melee. She reminds Butcher of his promise and dies while Ryan cries that he's sorry.

Butcher looks like he'll kill Ryan without issue. He grabs the tire iron, but when Homelander arrives to see Stormfront, Butcher changes course.

While Homelander threatens Butcher and Ryan, Maeve shows up with the video that she'll release if he continues. She doesn't care what happens to her. As long as anyone sees what a fucking monster he is and no one ever loves him again, she's good with that.

The chants of Homelander play in his head. He can't give that up. Butcher takes Ryan and walks away.

Edgar now places all of the Seven's baggage firmly at Stormfront's feet. Homelander has to give Maeve and Starlight the floor, thanking them for their heroism. He goes the extra mile to grovel.

The Deep and A-Train are meeting with the cult dude. He has bad news. Since A-Train showed initiative with Stormfront's PDR (private data reserve), he gets the spot. The Deep says he's anti Nazi, too! Poor Deep.

He ends up calling Deep a toxic personality and asks him to leave.

Annie and Hughie talk about her safety going back to the tower. But she learned something about hanging in there, too.

Hughie doesn't want to stick with people because he's terrified of losing them anymore. Starlight thinks he means her, and he says he's not fucking crazy.

He's ready to leave The Boys.

Ryan is scared. Gotta bet Butcher is, too.

Butcher takes off his St. Christopher's medal given to him by Becca and gives it to Ryan.

Grace arrives, and Ryan is taken to safety. All of the charges against The Boys have been dropped, and Victoria Neuman is the new Supe Czar. She's giving Grace funds for a team to keep track of the the supes, if he's interested.

MM goes home, Kimiko and Frenchie leave the hovel and go dancing, and Homelander beats off while saying he can do whatever he wants.

Victoria is chatting with church guy, who wants the tax exempt status fast tracked.

She's not one of the good ones. She's a supe, and she's the one who was busting the heads.

Hughie wants to work for her. He never fit in for the guys, so he wants to stand on his own two feet.

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The Boys Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Butcher: So it's just business then, is it?
Edgar: When in history, Mr. Butcher, has it ever been about anything else?

It doesn't matter what we do. Nothing ever changes. Nothing changes or gets better, and I'm tired of it.