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Some heavy dude is getting dressed. His room is filled with Supes stuff and they're all over the news. We're living his days over and over as Stormfront proliferates the airwaves about Superterrorists.

The guy thinks the eyes of his convenience store salesman flash. He's inundated with this crap. Something bad is gonna happen. He kills the guy and then realizes what he did.

The Boys are at Grace's place, Lamplighter included. He's alive because he's willing to speak against Vought in court.

She doesn't think it's enough. They need a lot more to go on if they want to take a look at the king.

Starlight meets her mom at a coffee place, and they get off poorly. Mom isn't leaving until they talk this out. Annie always felt that God was sending her on missions, but now she knows it was all crap. The good guys don't win, and the bad guys don't get punished.

Mom wants to take Annie away. She cleared it with Ashley at Vought. Uh oh. In comes Black Noir.

Frenchie's name is Serge! Grace wants him to look after the women.

Hughie, meanwhile, gets to watch after Lamplighter.

Billy gets a call from her mother. His father is dead. She wants to see him. Right now.

Annie wakes up on the floor. She's locked in some kind of a room. She has no powers, and she can't suck energy off of the light in the room, meager that it is.

Lamplighter is watching Supe porn. Among the movies? Starlight Pulls an A-Train.

Lamplighter was a prodigy, he says. He lit his first fire at age four and burned the whole house down. His dad was so proud.

Homelander and Stormfront are an out couple now. They're leading rallies. They don't condone the murder of the convenience store clerk. But they do call everyone to arms with talk of war and more Supes. She calls out Victoria Newman specifically.

Homelander also announces that they had a mole. Starlight. Just then, Hughie turns off the porn, and he sees the rally and the announcement.

Lamplighter says she's probably in 42D. Hughie says they need to go, now! Hughie says it's his last chance to be a hero. He could be the cuck or he could be the guy who fucks the wife.

Billy's mum is a tiny little thing. His dad isn't dead. And his dad is John Noble!

Dad doesn't have much time, mum says.

Dad just wants to talk. Billy gives him two minutes. He wants to talk about cricket. And Lenny. That doesn't go very well. They're on a balcony, and the old fart picks a fight with his son. Dad admits Billy is tougher than he ever was. Billy pissed off to join the SAS like a raw cunt after Lenny put the gun in his mouth.

Billy attacks his father, who says that Lenny could never have done that.

Stormfront is the one keeping Starlight alive. A common enemy rallies the base, she says. Starlight is a Traitor is trending number 1. Then she sees a baby, and goes all soft. Homelander has a surprise for her.

They land at Becca's house so that Stormfront can meet Ryan. Becca is quite concerned. Stormfront is excited that Ryan is the first natural-born superhero.

Stormfront sticks up for Homelander's rights as a parent, and Homelander wants them to be a family.

Elena is leaving Maeve. Maeve thinks she's afraid of Homelander, but she can't be with Maeve and all of the people she's killed.

The real Maeve scares Elena.

MM and Grace arrive to see Jonah. It's Dr.Vogelbaum. They're asking about the Sage Grove Center.

He claims that he didn't know about it. But you can tell that he does. Grace holds an old favor over his head. They're both out, so they don't need to do that anymore. She wants him to testify. He doesn't want his family to be caught in the crossfire. And then, Grace tells MM to go back to his family. She'll get them on a flight to Nicoragua.

It's a neverending game, and if he doesn't just go, then he'll lose it all.

Billy is drinking.

Frenchie and Kimiko talk about their moms. He wants to know about her family. To do that, she'll have to teach him her language. She does so immediately.

The Deep and Cassandra are having a wedding celebration or something. They're goofy. A-Train brings him a fish. Oh, no. It's church guy's birthday. He's got a meeting with Stan Edgar next week to get the guys back on The Seven.

Dude asks The Deep about The Archer. Deep says he's so great and was really there for him. And then dude says he's a toxic personality and they can't have anything to do with him. Deep's face falls, and A-Train wonders why they can't talk with him. Archer said the system failed him when he failed the system.

Hughie and Lamplighter are on their way to Cell Block D or whatever when Ashley walks in on Maeve having a threesome, a very non-lesbian threesome.

Maeve asks her for once in her life to be a human being.

Ryan is showing Homelander and Stormfront his favorite movies. They're all the same things his mom loves. Stormfront wonders if he likes kids things or any of Homelander's movies. They take over Ryan's life in minutes. Becca says we can talk about it, but Stormfront says they can do it right now.

Becca wants to keep him protected, but Homelander wants him to be acclimated. He pretends to agree with her.

Billy goes to see Vogelbaum. Butcher wants to know what Homelander was like growing up as a lad. Vogelbaum must have raised him. He says that when he was five or six, he was quite sweet and used to cuddle up asking about Davey Crockett. But Vogelbaum needed him to be the strongest man in the world, so he had other plans.

Billy also wants to talk about locking Becca away all those years. Billy threatens to bash out his daughter's brains and then kill his whole family today. Or, Vogelbaum helps Billy.

Hughie is bleeding by the time they arrive at 42D. But they're not there. They're in the Vought conference room where Lamplighter sets himself on fire. And from the emergency exit sign, Starlight gets her mojo back and frees herself.

Hughie needs to take lamplighter's hand to get out. He carves it away with a broken vase.

Black Noir finds Starlight, and a big fight ensues. She is no match for him.

Maeve happens to be there, and she puts something in Noir's mouth. An Almond Joy. Black Noir has a tree nut allergy.

Starlight asks Maeve to come with her.

Hughie hears a woman screaming. It's Annie's mom. He releases her with the sawed off hand.

They're all reunited. Love is in the air.

Becca is making Brave Maeve lasagna. Ryan is leaving with Stormfront and Homelander. Everything around them is fake, and he hates her for lying to him.

Everyone is upset with Hughie for allowing their star witness to burn himself to death. Butcher doesn't care. He's got it sorted.

Billy's mum said she didn't get them together for his dad. She wants Billy to let it go. So dad wouldn't have a hold over him, and he woudn't become like...

It's time for the hearing.

Homelander is shocked that Vogelbaum is going to testify. But before he can, heads begin to explode all over the damn place.


The Boys
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The Boys Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Victoria: Oppositions gonna have a field day with him. Disgruntled ex Supe? I am fairly sure he's fucked half the Sacred Heart cheerleading squad. But yeah, he'll be a good witness. It's not enough, though.
Butcher: Not enough? If torturin' and burnin' a bunch of mentals on Vought's say-so ain't enough for you muppets, then what the fuck are you good for, huh? A strongly-worded Tweet?

I am counting on YOU to show us the way. Don't let me down.