On the season 2 finale of The Bridge, Eleanor seeks closure while Marco's loyalty is tested.


Sonya tries to understand Eleanor's ledger while Marco becomes invaluable to Fausto on The Bridge.


Linder and Eva talk about their future while Sonya and Eleanor face off on The Bridge.


Fausto makes a decision that may end up being irreversible on The Bridge.


An unexpected rendezvous takes place while Fausto is betrayed by his organization on The Bridge.


Eleanor's loyalty is tested while dark secrets from Marco's past come to light on The Bridge.


Adriana and Frye oncover a dangerous discovery while Sonja finds out the truth about Lisa's death on The Bridge.

"Harvest of Souls"

Eva decides to take matters into her own hands while Frye considers a career change on The Bridge.

"Eye of the Deep"

Frye gets an offer from the DEA while Marco goes up against an old enemy on The Bridge.


Ray and Charlotte talk about the future while Marco makes a new ally on The Bridge.

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The Bridge Quotes

The money is here. One million dollars. I watched the video of the girl. I think about those disgusting gringos and how they are just sitting there watching her die. Take the money. I lose that much every month to the rats in my warehouse.

Senor Galvan

There are five murders a year in El Paso. In Juarez, thousands. Why? Why is one dead white woman more important than so many dead just across the bridge? How long can El Paso look away? We've got some interesting times ahead. This is only the beginning.