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Sonya tracks down the owner of the fake police cruiser, Jack Childress. Sonya and Marco check out his home and find disturbing information and believe he's the killer. They end up in a stand-off with Childress after he kills one of their own. In the end, they capture him, but Sonya questions whether he is sane enough to be their man.


Charlotte questions she can trust Ray after Cesar warns her about him. It's with good reason because Ray works out a deal with Graciela to move guns through the tunnel.


Marco's wife refuses to believe he's not sleeping with Sonya and won't let him return home. His wife ends up sleeping with her co-worker.


Linder tries to save a girl at her mother's request, but is interrupted by Fausto.


Frye is going through detox and isn't able to cover the story. He questions whether Childress is a probable suspect since he doesn't have any connection with him, Gedman, or other victims. At the end of the day, he has a seizure and falls to the floor.

The Bridge
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The Bridge Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

There are no coincidences with this guy.


Sonya: He's insane.
Marco: Yeah, it's okay.
Sonya: I'm just not sure that the man who planned all this is insane.