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- Gina saw her father's killer and Sonya tries to get her to provide a description. Gina's junkie mom shows up and wants to take her home, but Hank won't release her daughter to an unfit mother. When Gina shuts down and isn't any help to the case, Hank decides they should go out for burgers to clear their minds. While there, Gina escapes out a bathroom window and runs. She's stabbed or shot by her father's killer and dies. Sonya is inconsolable over Gina's death and goes to visit her sister's killer.


- Marco has his own problems to deal with at home and back in Juarez. He visits his wife, but she refuses to even talk to him. Marco grabs some clothes and a suitcase and leaves. He goes to see Fausto and returns a suitcase of money. It's revealed that Marco and Fausto's father were in business together and then the sons took different career paths. 


-Charlotte shows Ray the tunnel and while there Fausto brings a dead body to take back to Mexico. She decides she doesn't want to deal with the tunnel. She meets with Graciela and tells her that Ray will be handling all the business in regards to the tunnel. She wants nothing to do with it. Graciela agrees to have Ray take over Carl's role with the tunnel after a background check.

The Bridge
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