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- The search for Maria continues while the Feds take over the ransom drop. Sonya and Marco search down Frye to try and get more information about the man behind Maria's abduction. Frye believes, like Sonya, that the actions are about the message not the money. 


- The Feds run into trouble getting the money for the ransom. The four men don't cooperate and the Feds want to use their discretionary fun. The cartel leader, Senor Galvan, gives Marco a million dollars for the ransom. He didn't want to wait for the "grinko" to resolve the matter. Agent Gedman goes to make the drop and disappears. Marco comes face-to-face with the killer and is knocked out, but not killed. He's found with the money and a bag. The bag contained Gedman's head and a video of him with the murdered prostitute.


- Charlotte agrees to open the tunnel after the horse was killed. Senor Galvan demanded access to the tunnel from Charlotte's female business partner. Charlottte isn't thrilled about the illegal tunnel being reopened. She also returns Marco's wallet to police headquarters, though he doesn't seem to notice its mission.


- Sonya's constant viewing of Maria on the live feed was successful. Maria was found because Sonya recognized the shadow of a oil pump. She was found alive.

The Bridge
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The Bridge Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

I brought the money. The girl is Mexican. I'm going!


The money is here. One million dollars. I watched the video of the girl. I think about those disgusting gringos and how they are just sitting there watching her die. Take the money. I lose that much every month to the rats in my warehouse.

Senor Galvan