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Weaver and Carrie continue to be intimate together with deep conversation. Carrie is thrown for a loop when Weaver tells her his play is based on his ex-girlfriend Katia.

Sebastian’s Mom tells him she’s getting married to her tennis instructor, and Dorrit wonders if Miller is trying to smother her. Carrie offers to go with Sebastian to his mother’s wedding; the Samanthae day Weaver invites her on a date. On their date, Weaver opens up to Carrie that Katia is over and done with.

Donna and West are nominated as homecoming queen and king. Donna and Mouse clash over the float. Mouse opens up to West that she feels sad she only has a few friends.

Weaver asks Carrie out on a date, and Miller is invited to stay the week with Bradshaw’s since his house is under construction. Weaver and Carrie’s date goes smoothly until he reads her journal, and Weaver wants to talk about Carrie’s virginity. Carrie and Weaver have sex, and she decides to come clean about Sebastian.

Mouse fills in for Carrie at the wedding.

Samantha currently lives in a painting studio, and gets paid to model nude for the students.

The Carrie Diaries
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