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The vets want to continue to target the rookies, while Nelson wants to welcome Ed to the house.

Nelson gets close to Ashley, but Ashley gets jealous when he talks to Berna.

Ashley says she wants Berna out of the game.

At the daily challenge, we learn that Lauren is out of the game.

Amber B arrives to take her place.

Fessy and Esther win.

The vets get to work in finding another target, and they settle on Kelz.

Tori is obviously upset because she's getting close to him.

But Josh throws him under the bus at the nominations ceremony, saying he's been making deals with everyone.

This does not sit well with some of the others in the house, but the house ultimately votes him in.

At the elimination, Fessy and Esther throw Emy and Ed into the ring to compete against them.

It's a tough elimination, one that doesn't look completely fair, but in the end, Emy and Ed secure the much-needed victory.

Kelz is upset at being eliminated, but he wants to come back again.

Emy chooses to go with Devin and Ed chooses to go with Tori, thus solidifying the need for these rookies to choose vets.

The Challenge
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The Challenge Season 37 Episode 2 Quotes

If Emy could just harness all that emotion into the game, she'd be a great competitor.


Someone send her home.