Tori, if I come back, it's game over for you. There's no going back on this on this one. No going B-A-C-K. Exclamation.


I love you guys so freaking much.


Berna, when you get in, fuck it up with Tori, okay?


Tacha: You know you wanted this. You are a fake ass bitch.
Tori: No. This is not true, Tacha.
Tacha: No, no. Don't try to be any fucking kind of way.
Tori: If you don't...
Tacha: No no.
Tori: Whatever, dude. If you don't wanna hear what I have to say...
Tacha: I didn't come to your fucking room, Tori.
Tori: Okay.
Tacha: I'm proud of myself. I'm proud of everybody else, yeah, minus you, obviously.
Tori: Can I say my peace?
Tacha: I don't want to listen. Shut up.
Tori: Whatever, dude.

If Emy could just harness all that emotion into the game, she'd be a great competitor.


Someone send her home.


Millionaire Mitchell should be known as Millionaire Meltdown at this point.


You've been making deals you can't keep.