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The episode opened with Colvin and Wysocki at the trial of a city official that Colvin had arrested for corruption. It what should have been a slam dunk trial, the jury came back deadlocked and the case was dismissed.

The city official got a hung jury from one of the crime family bosses Killian. Liam the undercover officer who has been doing odd jobs for Gibbons was sent to pick up a gift basket from the city official for Killian.

With the information that Liam was able to get Wysocki and Colvin were able to get closer and closer to Killian and finally sent Liam in to setup a sting operation. Liam nearly got made but was able to salvage the sting and got the information they needed.

Vonda and Isaac were sent in to stop the trash truck that was carrying crack that was linked to Killian. Wysocki and Evers were able to get the driver to flip on Killian. Colvin and Wysocki went to the District Attorney and asked her to get the Attorney General to help investigate Ronin Gibbons. The DA warns that this would be declaring war on Gibbons and Colvin said she was not backing down. 



The Chicago Code
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The Chicago Code Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Reporter: Superintendent, can you may corruption a thing of the past here in Chicago?
Colvin: Can we make corruption disappear? Probably not; can I put the fear of God into people and make them think twice before stealing from my city? Absolutely.

Colvin: That was subtle.
Wysocki: Subtle is for plastic surgeons and poets.