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This episode gave us a chance to learn more about Alderman Gibbons.

He was initially threatened by a higher-up in the Irish Mob, Killian, a man who said he had leverage on Gibbons. But Gibbons turned this around by having an officer on his payroll plant child pornography around Killian's house. The implication was clear: don't mess with him.

Similarly, Teresa's chief of staff tried to arrange a deal with Gibbons in which he received a monthly check in exchange for passing along information about Colvin. But Gibbon taped the conversation and went public, exposing corruption in the police force. He then had the same, aforementioned officer on his payroll assigned to be Teresa's new chief of staff. But she is at least on to the fact that she can't trust this new employee.

As for Wysocki, he and Caleb dealt with the fact that they are outsiders in the department. They are resented for their unique assignment, so much so that backup doesn't arrive during a shoot-out. The end result of this freeze out is that Jarek can't arrest a man on the spot, leading to that same criminal almost taking out a fellow officer.

Wysocki shoots him dead before doing so, but is peeved over how things got to that place.

The Chicago Code
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The Chicago Code Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Caleb: If we can't even trust other cops to have our backs, this job gets dangerous.
Jarek: Yes it does.

I don't mind sucker punching Gibbons as long as it knocks him out.