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We got a look into Gibbons' past on this episode, as it began with him shooting a boy in the leg.

The 15-year old was sent to a barber shop to take out Gibbons, part of a gang initiation. But he was ready for the hit. As Gibbons then got close to the boy in the hospital, in order to learn who sent him, a voiceover told us all about how Gibbons grew up in the projects and dreamed of getting out. He then ran for Alderman after the man in that position ignored his father's insurance complaint.

We watched as Gibbons worked to destroy the run down towers where he used to reside, and also as he convinced the boy to tell him the name of the gang leader who ordered the hit. Once Gibbons gathered this intel, he - or his employees, to be exact - killed the gang leader and made it look like typical street violence.

Jarek and Caleb, meanwhile, spent the episode chasing around a bomber. Turns out, he had connections to the Chicago Liberation Army. They tracked him down in the end and arrested him. Jarek then went ahead and arrested a Bill Ayers-like leader who had helped the police in this instance, but who implicated himself in past crimes by doing so.

The Chicago Code
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