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Evan tries to move on from Riley by asking Shelby out on a date. 

Selena tries to be there for Riley.

Lacey feels like she and Riley are drifting apart.

Riley and Lacey go to Georgia's church and see many of The Rub's clients there.

Kyle arrives home.

Harold proposes to Georgia. 

Selena and Derek have a quickie in the lounge.

Evan shows up for the daddy/daughter dance while Kyle is there.

Kyle stays at Evan's.

Riley and Kyle go to counseling.

Evan and Shelby have their date.

A louse shows up and asks Georgia to sell The Rub to him instead of Riley for an extra $200K.


The Client List
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The Client List Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Remember when you shaved Ken and Barbie's heads and you were so afraid to tell me you bought me the Barbie dream pool?


If I were you, I'd pay up. Hey - I'm not the one who's trying to get square with God.